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December 14, 2012
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   What horrible deeds have been done with the Virgin Mary standing in the lawn?  Every street, every house, every thing in this neighborhood is splashed with milky moonlight.  Thousands of Virgin Mary statues stand silently, and peacefully in the dark just beyond the hazy shadows. Evil deeds shall be done.  No matter what anyone believes or doesn't believe.  
   Its best to understand that before you die.  Or maybe as you die.  The agony between life and death put a lot of things in order for me.  Things like school, and my mom's work, they seemed so petty and far away.  The humming of a caring person was held much closer to my heart.  It was Ode to Joy.  As I burst from my human cocoon. He was humming Ode to Joy.  As the bath water turned crimson.  It was joy!  As I slowly died, and was slowly reborn.  
   I want to ask this gentile person the lyrics to that song.  I want to flex my wings and fly to wherever Beethoven is and kiss the hand that wrote such beauty.  I am alive for the second time!  Enveloped in a feverish flame.  Not dreaming but not completely awake.  If I were dreaming I would be in Mab's arms.  If I were awake I'd know my brother's face.  
   He smells like wind, smoke, and salt.  I know he must be my brother.  He's young and strong, but still slim.  He can carry me so easily.  I wonder if such a warm person has done evil deeds.  Does he smell like the salt of sweat, or the salt of tears?  Maybe both.  Maybe he's been to the ocean.  I used to want to swim to the bottom of the sea, into the deepest bluest shadows I could imagine.  There I could release my sadness and pain and let them float away from me.
   But my pain is rooted inside me and growing from my back.  My black wings.  When the fever of rebirth has passed I can fly to Mab.  Over the lawns of slumbering houses full of darkness and secrets, I'll fly.  And before the night turns to day I'll plunge into a world of my desire.  Nothing can stop me.  I've shared my soul with pleasant dreams and nightmares alike.  
   Someone beautiful and lovely kissed me and betrayed me.  But that betrayal was actually a blessing.  A very painful and carefully disguised blessing.  Still, there's an aching in my chest where I used to trust.  Can I trust her soothing lips knowing the sharp fangs they conceal?  Can I trust my second life knowing that death comes so easily?
   Like coming home from school and finding out that a relative has died.  They were dead all day but I didn't know it until I got home.  I don't want to live my second life in an ignorant haze.  I want to know more than ever before.  I want to know for certain rather than just wandering on numb feelings.
   My body is hot.  It's incredibly hot.  I wonder if the moonlight can be warm like the sun.  Can it be hot even?  Are my new wings beautiful?  If only my eyelids weren't so heavy.  If only I could ask this shadowed person by my bedside.  When my fever is passed I can answer my own questions.  I must be sure to always be in awe of every beautiful thing.  And I must remember the way things happen; not just what happens.  How the wind carries leaves in the fall.  How wonderful it is.  Small things that make the days more valuable, things that can be easily overlooked with eyes filled with selfish tears.    
   A person can only mourn so much before they, too, become a useless corpse.  I won't be that way anymore.  When I leave home I'm sure I'll be missed.  But normalcy will be recovered.  I hope my mom wont cry for too long.  I wish she could know I died brimming with excitement.  Yes!  So much happy excitement I almost laughed!  Now I can walk upon the fog drifting across the distant fields.  I can do anything I can dream of.  Where is Mab?  I want to thank her for giving me my wings.  I want to be properly introduced to my kind-hearted brother.  I hope I see her soon.  I need to tell her how much I love her.    
   Yes, she is the one I love.  Now it seems all others are fading into a fog.  I can't remember the faces and soft words.  I know I've been in love before.  But I can't remember what that love felt like.  Mab is consuming my mind and body.  And I'm letting it happen.  I'm letting my memories of others evaporate.  The morning sun will burn everyone away.  That sun is her!  She is the sun of my glorious morning.
another strange short story about my characters~ the preview image is my own drawing of course.

i like this one. ^-^

for better understanding of this story i recommend reading my 2 other short stories concerning these characters. "Only Me" and "Blindfolded" they can be found in my "SpringDreams" folder
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Heya. I like your work; if you still want to publish with me, then read my guidelines: [link] and if you like what you see, then send me your work at
waiting-for-wings Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like this! It says a lot but in quite a simple and somewhat innocent way.
AlyssaStehle Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
the character is supposed to be rather young (13) so i tried to keep it simple^-^
waiting-for-wings Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
its good :)
random-neko-chan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Writer
Wow this was really good!
AlyssaStehle Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
random-neko-chan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Writer
no prob! :D
I might just check out what other stuff you've written :)
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